Meal Times

Kids2Us  have been awarded a 5 from the food hygiene department.

We that all children are provided with a varied and nutritious diet. We have a 4 weekly menu which incorporates food from other cultures and provides themed days linked to international holidays and celebrations.

On site catering will be provided by local bespoke caterers Chapman Holmes Catering. They will provide nutritious food for our meal and snack times and they have over 20years experience in  contract catering and restaurants. They  include foods from the four main food groups. All food is made fresh on the premises and fresh fruit is always available everyday.

The Nursery Chef , Bev is working under Chapman Holmes will, along with the nursery staff,  provide a wide range of cooking experinces for the children.  She will encourage the children to experience a variety of baking and cooking methods, introducing new foods and ingredients to the children.


Our daily routines include the following:

Breakfast between            7.30am and 8.30am

Morning Snack at             9.15 am

Lunch between                11.00am and 11.30pm

Afternoon tea between    15.00pm and 15.15pm

Meal and snack times are seen as social occasions for our staff and children. Staff is encouraged to eat with the children at meal times promoting positive eating practices that we hope will continue throughout our children’s lives.

We cater for many different dietary requirements and try to match dishes with similar vegetarian options.

Kids2Us currently do not provide a Halal option, as the need is not required. But it would be something that we would be happy to consider should the need arise.

All our menus are in line with the National Nutritional guidelines.

Each week, the children have a cookery activity. This sometimes is something they may make for their snack

Please have a look at the link and view a sample menu

Sample Menu


The baby room has a slightly different routine to the rest of the nursery.

Feeding times are set to the dividual child and a feeding chart is discussed and drawn up between the parent and key worker of each child.

Babies under 1 yrs old have breakfast provided appropriate to their age and stage of weaning.

PLEASE NOTE, that formula milk is NOT provided by the nursery and must be sent to nursery in a dispenser already measured out and the water in the bottles.

Kids2us are very pleased that Chapman Holmes have agreed  to join us to ensure that our children receive the very best nutritional diet and learn to enjoy different foods.