Meet the team

Director & Nursery Manager –

Samantha Evans has over 25 yrs experience in the childcare sector, ranging from nannying, nursery schools, childminding and an assessor in childcare qualifications.

Also being a mother of 3, Samantha is aware of what you as a parent want and need in a nursery and also what nurseries need to provide.

Samantha’s saying is “a happy child = a happy mummy & daddy”, thats exactly what Samantha’s team at Kids2Us aim to deliver.

The  team –

All the staff are qualified to ofsted requirements  and all hold a valid Paediatric First Aid Certificate( which will be displayed in the rooms). Any member of staff who has not yet gained this certificate will be given the training within the first 3 months of their employment.

kids2us also operate a staff reward scheme , this allows opinions from parents and other members of staff to be heard and then a staff member  being rewarded for their hard work.

Please note that the ages of the children moving into different rooms are approximate ages and no child will be moved before the parent , keyworker and room leader have discussed the change.

 Caterpillars, children aged from birth – 15 months (or walking)

The room is fully equiped to provide a warm, homely transition into nursery life. All the toys are suitable for this age.

This room operates a “no shoe” policy  for staff, parents, visitors and children.

Butterflies, children aged approximately 15 months -2 years old..

This room is bright and again offers a warm and happy enviroment for your child . With instant access to an outside area specifically aimed for this age group, the children have a wide range of activites to choose from.

The butterflies have access to;

ladybirds, children aged 2-3 years old

The butterflies and ladybirds rooms  aim to mix at certain times of the day. For example the butterfly room is used for children who want a sleep after lunch and the children who don’t sleep are able to continue to do activities in the Ladybirds area or play outside without disturbing the resting children.

Busy Bees, children aged 3-5 years

Our pre school has 2 rooms which are linked together to provide a free flow nursery enviroment. There are times when the children are split into different age groups for certain activities. Some children have a mid day sleep and some don’t, even so the childs routine’s can still be perfectly met.

Our Deputy Manger is head of the pre school and along with her team she will help to prepare the older  children  for school life. She will be actively inviting reception teachers to come and visit the nursery and will gradually change the routine of the preschool to become more like a school day by the time they leave us.

Both our Ladybirds and busy bees have access to a computer which will be situated in their rooms .

The outside areas are linked so we do have times during the day when the children can mix if they want to.

We would always make the transition from one room to another a slow and happy one. We would offer setttling in sessions and if the child seems happier if their keyworker is with them, for these sessions, then we would do this, however all the staff come into contact with all the children at some point on a daily basis.