Exciting Activities For You To Try At Home


At Kids2us, we feel that its also important that children are given the chance to do activites within the family enviroment. However we also do understand that cost offend now becomes an issue. So we have put this page together to help you each month try activiteis that can cost less than £5.00.

Its also worth pointing out as well, their are now a number of sites on the internet that offer great family deals for days out , these will cost more than £5.00 but they have fantastic savings. for example Groupon,social living

Beating the April Showers

Check with your Local information Centre about Museums, as these can offend be free.

What do you do with your shredded paper?

Children love finding things , so how about putting the shredded paper in a bucket, on a tray or if your feeling really brave in a pile on the floor and let your child/children  search for hidden treasure . You can also make a game up when it comes to tidying up.


May days in the Garden.

Want a messy activity that clears away itself ?

Give your child/children a bowl of water  (you could even puta few drops of food dye , to make it coloured water ). Then give them some paint brushes, thses can be bought cheaply from places such as B&Q or even tesco.

Then let your children paint the path or walls of your house , the water dries your children have had fun and your left with NO mess.

June , the month for us treat the daddy’s

Home made Present idea.

A plain Tie (ideally white)

With Felt pens let the children draw there own designs.

It really will be that one off present no other daddy gets.!!


July – sunny days in the garden

A bowl of water

a  few drops of food colouring

you can have coloured water for your child to play in.

If you buy a cheap paint brush they can paint your walls and paths , letting the sunshine dry the water up means you dont even have to clear up.