Parent FAQs

Choosing a day nursery for the first time can be a little daunting and we understand that you will probably have lots of questions. We will be happy to answer them personally but in the meantime you may find some useful answers below.

What should I bring to nursery?

All Children

1. A recent photograph of your child (not passport size)

2. All children will be given a bag with their name on

3. A change of clothes (suitable for the season)

4. Sun hat / sunscreen (in summer months only)

5. Epipen (If your child has an allergy which requires this)

If your child is potty training, additional underwear should be provided.

Additional items depending on the age of your child:

1. Water measured out (in a bottle) for formula milk + powder/Breast Milk (in a bottle)

2. Packet food if your child is not weaned onto nursery food i.e. under 6 months

3. Comforter/dummy (if used), this MUST be clearly labelled

Note: Please ensure all clothes and shoes are labelled with your child’s full name on.

What should I bring to nursery for my child?

We ask parents to bring a change of clothes in for all children should they need to be changed.
Where needed bottles containing the correct amount of cooled boiled water and the powder for milk measured out in a powder dispensor.
A comforter such as a dummy if your child has one.
Labelled clothes with your child’s name inside.

Is the food cooked freshly on the nursery premises on a daily basis?

Our  Nursery Chef  prepares all the food on the nursery premises with fresh ingredients with no added salt or sugar. We have a 4 weekly menu .

Do we have a Halal option on our menu?

At Kids2Us, we offer a vegetarian option daily. Where there is sufficient demand we also cater for other dietary needs , we dont currently offer a Halal menu but if the need arises we would do so.

What times are mealtimes?

Breakfast is 7.30-8.30am – A choice of cereals or porridge and fresh fruit.

Snack is around 9.15am – Fresh fruit or light snacks such as crackers and cheese or breadsticks with dips.

Lunch is between 11.00-11.30am – A hot meal and a pudding.

Tea is between 3.00 – 3.30pm – A hot meal and a pudding

Where do children eat their meals?

Children sit around the tables within their age specific room. Mealtimes are very sociable times and the staff will sit with the children and model good table manners.

What happens if my baby is not yet weaned when they start nursery?

We would work with you as a parent to discuss weaning stages and we would follow your routine from home as you introduce new foods to your child. We also have a weaning menu in place for children who are just starting the weaning process.

Do you have extra curricular activities during the day?

We have lots of extra curricular activities these include things like COOKING, GARDENING, SPANISH

Do you have connections and relationships with surrounding schools?

Our Pre School staff will work closely with the intended Primary school that your child will be going to and in turn we will invite the reception teacher to visit and we will also prepare a report to inform the new teacher about your child

Does the CCTV link up to the internet like a webcam?

The CCTV is not accessible through the internet, but it is accessible each day for parents to view their child’s room, this is a good tool for settling in visits, checking your child is settled in after drop off or have a sneak peek into what they’re up to just before you collect them.

My child has never attended a nursery before can they do more visits if required?

We recommend at 2 , 2 hour  visits for all children and where possible suggest this is done within 2 weeks of starting  to ensure there is time if required to increase the number of visits. These visits are included in your REGISTRATION FEE.

My child has a set routine how will this fit into nursery life?

When children start at nursery we follow their routines to ensure there is a smooth transition from home life to nursery. We work with families to ensure there is a continuity of care.

Do all the staff have a valid DBS check

Yes, all staff have a DBS  check completed before  they  start working  at Kids2Us. DBS checks are then renewed every two years.

Do all staff hold relevant childcare qualifications?

Yes, all staff are qualified to the ofsted requirements , any unqualified staff or students will not be left unacompanied in a room with children

What are staff to child ratios at Kids2Us ?

The ratios, as outlined by Early Years Foundation Stage are; 0 – 2 years (1 adult:3 children ) 2 – 3 years (1:4) and over 3 years (1:8)

How will my child’s progress be tracked through out nursery?

Every child is allocated a key person and it is this person which develops a special bond with that child. They are based in the room that the child attends and complete the child’s learning development journal through observation and link each childs progress within the EYFS.

Are the same staff based in each room so there is continuity?

We have set staff in each room on a daily basis and when staff are on holiday or absent due to illness we have familiar supply staff who cover within nursery so there remains continuity for each child.

My child has special educational needs can they still attend Kids2Us?

Of course, we are a fully inclusive nursery and will adapt our care to the individual needs of each child who attends.

How often will my child go outside to play?

We go outside in all weather within nursery and all the rooms downstairs have direct access into the secure play areas. We also provide water proof  all in one outfits and wellington boots.

Do you go for trips/ local walks?

Yes, we do go on trips.You will always be told in advance and if you feel that you  don’t want them to take part then we will make sure your child spends their time with the nearest age group of children . Our risk assessments are also avalible for you to view.

How often does Kids2Us hold Parents Evenings?

We hold 2 parents’ evenings per year but you can book an appointment to see the manager  or have a chat with your child’s key person at any time. You are also able to take home your child’s file at any time to have a peek and see what they are enjoying at nursery

How will my child sleep at nursery and where?

For younger babies we have cots within nursery, however if your child is finding it hard to settle in the cot we are happy for you to bring your pram/pushchair along for us to use while we get your child used to sleeping in a cot.  As children get older we have sleep mats.

How do the staff get children to sleep?

Staff sit with children and rub their tummy or back or stroke their heads. This is optional if you would like your child to go to sleep by themselves you should let a member of staff know.

How old are babies when they move from sleeping in a cot to a bed?

Only the baby room has cots so as part of the transition process, the staff in the baby room will speak to you as a parent about moving your child from sleeping in a cot to a bed.

Do children have their own bedding at Kids2Us and how often is this washed?

We provide each child with their own blanket and sheet at nursery; this is stored in a bag labelled with their name. We have a laundry room onsite and bedding is cleaned at least once per week. Children over the age of one have their own little sleeping bags.

How often is Kids2Us OFSTED inspected?

OFSTED inspections take place approximately every three years.

How can I pay my childcare fees?

At Kids2Us  there are lots of ways to pay your childcare fees, we accept cash, cheques and card payments.  We also accepts bank transfers and standing orders  can be set up. Kids2Us are registered with most childcare voucher companies for parents who receive childcare vouchers through work and this amount will come off your monthly invoice.

How is my invoice calculated?

The weekly fee is multiplied by  51 and divided  by 12 to give you a monthly set fee.

Do I pay  registration  fee and a deposit to secure my Childs place?

Yes, the registration fee is payable on confirmation of your childs place. It is currently £50.00 and this includes your  2, 2 hour settling visits,also your child will reiceve a kids2us sweatshirt and polo shirt , please note our baby caterpillars dont reiceve their t shirt or jumper until they enter the Butterflies. Your depoist is a months fee depending on the number of days your child is booked to attend in a month.

I have more than one child I wish to attend Kids2Us is there any family discount available?

Yes, if you have siblings at nursery, the eldest sibling will have a 10% reduction in fees .

Does kids2us offer Term time only places?

We do offer a limited number of term time places

How early do I need to put my Childs name down to attend Kids2Us?

We recommend as soon as possible to secure your place as places can fill up very fast.

How often does the Nursery Hairdresser visit Kids2Us?

The nursery hairdresser visits every 6 weeks.

Does Kids2Us close over the Christmas period?

We close at 1pm Christmas eve and re open on the 2nd January, we also dont  charge you for this week.

We open 51 weeks per year.

We also  close for bank holidays and these days are chargeable.